“…Thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all Righteousness.”

And John tried to prevent Him, saying, “I need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?” But Jesus answered and said to him, “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” Then he allowed Him.
(Mat 3:14-15 NKJV)
What does Humility look like? Jesus, about His Father’s business, coming to be baptized by John, Jesus’ cousin and creation.
Jesus is God. He is about His Father’s business, but now, rather than wowing the religious leaders in the temple, He is in the wilderness, looking to be baptized. Baptized? Here is the man without sin, being baptized which is a symbol of repentance and dying to sin. What’s up with that?
My Father’s Business…
There is much to be said about this whole story, but what strikes me is the humility of being about “My Father’s Business.” Nothing could be a higher calling, but nothing could be more humbling.” “Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” 
So how often to I allow someone else speak into my life? How often do I try and pull rank or degree or knowledge in my conversations and activities? 
Jesus with the life’s work of “Being about my Father’s business,” permitted others to do in His life those things for which He was better qualified and more capable. He allowed John to baptize Him, even though He was completely sinless. He allowed others to provide for His physical needs, even though He was the giver of their very breath.
“Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting to fulfill all righteousness.” 
Am I willing to listen to the inmate in prison or a homeless man at the mission teach me about Faith? I am willing to listen without chaffing under the collar, when I believe I could share these things so much clearer and with more authority?
What about allowing others to give to me?
I have visited Ghana, West Africa numerous times and there the villagers desire to give to those who come to share the Gospel or simply show up to visit. It is always very difficult for me to accept their gifts of food, drink or crafts, because I know that I have so much and they have so little. And that is the nice reason, I have been tempted to refuse their generosity. 
The ugly secret is that many times I simply think that I could do better myself. How proud and ungodly, how unlike my Lord Jesus! It is at times like these that I find myself about my own business, having lost sight of my Father’s.
O Lord, what business would you have me engage in today where you desire me to show the humility of your Son, Jesus? 
He was willing to receive from others what He was more qualified and more capable of doing for Himself in order to fulfill all righteousness. Am I willing to do the same?
“…My Father’s Business…”

2 thoughts on ““…Thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all Righteousness.”

  1. KY

    Very well put!!! I’ll help you out with the humility part and leave the dishes for you. Or isn’t that what you had in mind?

  2. Clay Bitner

    Love this John! All that power under a magnificent restraint for the Glory of God and the joy of others.
    I totally understand your perspective on having a hard time accepting gifts and teaching from others who may “seem” lower than us. It takes humility and understanding how Jesus went low for us so that we could be made low enough to ignore our pride – not allowing ourselves to steal the joy of blessing from others.


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